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Bono Guagua + Global

Bono Guagua + Global (Bus + Global Pass)

This PASS has a fare of €0.85 and applies only to certain GLOBAL buses, in all cases within the municipal limits of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.


Click here for more information about using this card, Global buses and points of sale
AB Card

AB Card

Subsidised with a 20% discount by the Gran Canaria Cabildo.

Tarjeta Ida y Vuelta

Roundtrip Card

Discount: Variable
Applies to: Set routes and special events.
Timetables: As established for the occasion or event

Beach Roundtrip Card
On: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.
Journeys to Faro de Maspalomas from:
    - Las Palmas
    - Telde
Journeys to Puerto Rico from:
    - Las Palmas




AT THE GEXCO OFFICE (San Telmo Bus Station)

  • Fill in the application form and have your photo taken on the spot.
Cabildo Pass

Cabildo Pass

This pass entitles you to travel on the GLOBAL section of your choice for one calendar month with a discount of 30%, 40% or 50% depending on how many kilometres the journey is.


  • This Pass is individual and non-transferable.
  • To acquire and use this Pass you must present the CARNET BONOCABILDOMES, which you can apply for at the GEXCO Sales Office (San Telmo Bus Station).
  • This pass is valid for up to 50 journeys (passengers will pay for only 38 journeys minus the corresponding discount) on the sector chosen and may be used only during the calendar month to which it applies.
  • This pass allows passengers to make transfers (only on GLOBAL buses) if necessary to complete the section.


  • This pass can be obtained at the GEXCO Sales Office (San Telmo Bus Station).

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